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TeamFourStar's Alolan Survival Arc!
Fan Art for Team Four Star's Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke as they step forward to fight the Elite Four! Stand Tall Larenti!

Whirly the Poliwrath
(REACTED) the Sneasel
Veler the Alolan Golem
EggHorse the Alolan Exeggutor
Larenti the Pokemon User
GUNBEAK the Toucannon
Maggie the Magnezone
Skullma the Alolan Marowak (plus the souls of the fallen with in the flames, Mr. Magoo, Pojo, Tinkerbill, Mimikyun, Srg. Pepper)
Sito the Decidueye 
  • Listening to: Nyan Cat!!!
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  • Watching: Pokémon Original Series
  • Playing: Pokémon Soul Silver
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Hey everyone!! Patrick here, and I just feel like informing everyone that I'm currently (but slowly) making my way through Pokémon Soul Silver. The reason it's taking a while is because I'm off all sorts of Games for lent, including my Xbox, Wii, DS, iPhone and Flash games online... So anyway, I've just captured Sudowoodo, which is the last thing I remember, and the fight with Whitney, was shitney. Her frickin' Clefairy used Metronome and got Fissure, Giga Impact and Fire Blast, she sweeped my team before I got to Miltank!! However, this post is to inform whenever Lent is finished I'll be resuming playing Soul Silver for fun, but I also want to do either a Nuzlocke, Monotype or Little challenge!!
I want to Nuzlocke Platinum, 'cause Sinnoh has alot of powerful Pokemon worth having. Monotype would be very interesting to see if I can make it through the game with a certain type. And Little would be extremely tough...

But anywho I'd like suggestions for my future Sinnoh team, and my current Johto Team, because as of yet I have-

Quilava/Torch- Ember, Smokescreen, Leer, Quick Attack

Hoothoot/Gaeapora- Peck, Reflect, Hypnosis, Uproar

Slowpoke/Deeerp- Water Gun, Confusion, Headbutt, Curse

Pineco/WTFBomb- Selfdestruct, Take Down, Bug-Bite, Protect

Togepi/Omelete- Metronome, Extrasensory, Headbutt, Lovely Kiss

Who are my main team so far, but I've also got-

Hoppip/Skip- Tackle, Bullet Seed, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder - Used to break Miltank's Rollout Combo and capture most Pokémon

Rattata/Slave- Rock Smash, Cut, Quick Attack, Tackle - Self explanatory

Ditto/Morph- Transform - Used for breeding

Sudowoodo/Twig- Rock Throw, Flail, Low Kick, Mimic - I was considering using Sudowoodo but it's weak against alot of the Gyms past this point (Chuck/Fighting/Water, Jasmine/Steel/Ground, Pryce/Ice/Water/Ground, Claire/Dragon/Water)

Well, the point of this playthrough is to use Pokémon I haven't used before, with my starter as an exception. My last playthrough had Quagsire, Pidgeot, Ampharos, Typhlosion, Ursaring and Rhyperior/Aipom. I'd also like to use an Eeveeloution, an Ice Type, Ghost Type, or Fighting Type so any suggestions will help guys!!

Thanks for your time!!


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Patrick Joseph Mc Callion
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Well, needless to say I've been on DeviantArt for 6 years. I'm only thinking to myself to start re-vamping it. Basically on my profile you aren't going to find Photo-realistic paintings or drawings. Your gonna get my really old cringe worthy content from 2006, but your also gonna get my stronger work which is a style that I've developed over the years. It's not perfect in any means. But it's definitely getting me somewhere.

I picked my style up from various other Artists that used to post alot of their work here. Not sure if they still do or not, but without them I don't think I would've got the push I needed. I get alot of my inspiration from Anime and Games. Notably - Dragonball, One Piece, Pokemon, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Super Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Nintendo in general, especially the classics which I've been getting into recently.

I've also developed my own set of Characters over the years. At times I think to myself, these are characters I made when I was 14 and should make better and more refined characters, but they are nice to draw and work on for sentimental value.

Last time I was here, I posted a Comic Series called "Dragon Clash" it's kind of an American Dragon meets Dragonball universe. I'm probably gonna get sued somewhere down the line, but my characters and concepts are as original as I can make them. I like to hope so anyways...

I'm also quite a Game Grumps fan and anyone related to their field. Egoraptor, Spazkid, RubberNinja, OneyNG, PsychicPebbles, Stamper, NinjaSexParty, they are all super cool guys! And are really influential in my work too.

Welp, that's a summary I think... Enjoy my page!

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